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With tons of information at your fingertips, it's extremely hard to navigate through the web and social media. No wonder people get lost in the masses. 


Our goal is to help you stand out from the crowd so you can be seen and heard. We provide you with a platform to help take your business to the next level. 


Whether it's video, audio, print or digital, we can help you get your message to the masses. 



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Oh Def Network is a subsidiary of one divided by 4 Media Communications. We are a 21st century alternative to traditional advertising and information delivery.


Traditional advertising is slowly being overshadowed by the internet and the many options it offers. Only through modern advertising are you able to target specific demographics based on their interest and social media profiles.


We make sure your message is clear and concise by producing high-quality video, audio, digital and print media. We then ensure it stays top of mind by delivering it with pinpoint accuracy on social media platforms such as; Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

















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Lewis Tucker, The Wizards Cave

This team has made understanding today's technology effortless for me. I came in kicking and screaming to the change and now I'm kicking and screaming about the wonders of the change!

Ellen Mann, EllenMann.com

I have been inspired to push the limits. The work and time they have put into my project gave me the courage to be more and do more. I can't thank them enough.

Charmese Washington,

Nanjo Naturals

I was guided step-by-step during the process of creating my website. They listened to my vision and made it come to life!

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