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Biological Name:  Alorian Wolfe

Age:  23

Musical Interest:  Rap, Hip Hop, Jazz and R & B

Talents:  Singer, Song Writer

Training:  Art Institute of Indianapolis



Alorian “HollyHood” Wolfe




Raising star, Alorian “HollyHood” Wolfe, is a multi-talented singer/songwriter and mother of two children.  Alorian was born on March 25th, 1992 in Youngtown, Ohio.


The inspiration behind “HollyHood’s” name and sound originated from her life experiences. In her earlier years, Alorian endured many hardships being raised between two homes in separate states. Her father moved Alorian and her sister to Fort Wayne, IN from the ghetto in Youngstown, OH. This offered her the opportunity to live a better life. With frequent visits to her mother in OH, she experienced two worlds…the suburbs and the streets.


Joining a well-known children’s choir, Voices of Unity, allowed Alorian to discover her love of singing and her amazing talents as a songwriter. Traveling between two homes became traveling between two worlds. Visiting her mother in Ohio became difficult, she was forced to defend herself because of her nice clothes and shoes. Fighting earned her notoriety in the streets.

As an act of rebellion, Alorian moved to Ohio to live with her mother. She became more involved with street life, rapping and singing about her environmental struggles. As a result, the local rappers and gangsters started calling her “HollyHood”.


Becoming a mother of two, at a young age, gave “HollyHood” the inspiration she needed to reevaluate her life and utilize her experiences from both worlds to pursue her dream of becoming a successful singers and songwriters.